Thursday, 21 April 2011

I wish it was raining...

It's too warm. I think the seasons have got confused, and summer's decided to come on out, and shunt spring. Unfortunatly for me, summer isn't my kind of month. I LOVE autumn and winter, when you can wrap up warm, go to bed early and feel snuggly when the rain is pounding on the windows, and you're in bed dozing. Then theres the chance of snow, which pretty much makes my year. And of course Christmas. I love Christmas, as does everyone I'm sure. I love waking up to a full stocking at 4.00am, then waking up my brother (this is a long-standing tradition) and then opening my presents with him, then probably playing Call of Duty untill 7.00am, then running into my parents room to wake them up. Thats been the routine for several years now. Winter's just so much more relaxing. In summer, everythings so high maintenance, everyones so worried about what they look like, about what to wear, and what do do. But right now, I'm in one of my drifty moods. I'm not really here or there, and my only thought is that I wish it was raining. I can't really explain this, it's just down to the fact that, as I'm looking through my window right now, the weather is so bland. The sky's full of clouds, practically all white, theres no breeze, theres nothing. It looks empty. Raining would be something for it to do. I love rain (another reason why I love living in England) and I'm sure if it was raining right now, my mood would DO something. Right now, I feel as bland as the weather. My heads full of pointless questions, and I'm sick of the childish dramas of teen life. I'm sick of being made to feel like I'm constantly in the wrong. I'm sick of having to tiptoe around my family, around "friends". I hate days like these. When I'm left with too much to dwell on, and I end up getting angry with life. I feel frustrated, I feel boxed in, and I want out. I need the rain. It will calm me down, and quite literaly wash away my annoyance. I need to vent so you my lucky readers, are left with this rubbish. Yay. Just...when will people realise you only get one chance at life, and wasting it by being pathetic is not the way go about it? What gives some people the right to belittle you everyday of your life, and theres nothing you can do about it? Bloody Stella Artois.

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