Friday, 29 April 2011

The Parker.

Bethany Kate Parker. I LOVE THAT GIRL. I can't even describe it. Anyone who knows her, knows she's utterly brilliant. She's completely herself at all times, and if someone doesn't like it, then thats their problem. She's witty. She's opinionated. She's gorgeous. She's exciting. She's sweet. She's smart. She's adorable. She's generous. She's GENUINE. Hardly anyone these days is so themselves. They all strive to be the "right" thing but Beth just doesn't care. She could easily follow the trend, but she doesn't and that adds to her charm, and it's what makes her her own. She's a collection of the things that are right in the world; I mean, I can barely think of a thing wrong with her. I can't believe simply a couple of months ago, she was barely in my life. In that space of time, I've baptised her, she's had her first midnight feast, she started my blog, we've swapped wardrobes, she's just made me a better person. Everything I need in a best friend was handed to me, perfectly wrapped up with a sharp-frame of mind and a beautiful face.
I'm so proud I'm going to be her Maid of Honour when HE pops the question :') We're already planning the wedding, and shopping for the dress will be the best experience of my life I can imagine right now. She means everything to me really. Hearing her German Duck laugh, makes me giggle for a stupidly long time. Hugging her randomly in passing makes my day. Having hour long chats with her at 4 a.m makes me feel so close and loved. She's my sister, to offer me pearls of wisdom about life. She's my cool Auntie, the one who tells you random gossip. She's my twin, to always, always be there, who literally CAN'T be scribbled out. She's the best friend I dreamed of, to keep me sane, keep me happy, keep me on the right path. She is my sunshine, who can brighten up every dark corner with her dinosaur walk. She's crazy, makes a great dolphin (even if it is WRONG and INAPROPRIATE) and is down-right fantastical. I love you Boo. <3

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