Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Memories are pretty much my favourite thing. They're priceless, don't weigh anything, no-one can steal them and they're YOURS. Your very own, right there in your head, casually swimming around. Is that what memories do? Swim? Or are they more like books, and you pick which one to read next? I personally prefer the swimming one. I have so many fantastic memories. From amazing holidays I've been lucky enough to go on to my everyday walking to school buddy. My halarious nerf herder to my brilliant dad. My year 8 english class chats to every single one of my skype conversations. So just to annoy all you readers, I'mma write a few down ;D
-Sitting in a Hotel room with my brother, in Florida, putting our tiny, keyring teddybears on a moving fan and watching them fly across the room. Sadly, I lost that bear that very holiday.
-My dad bursting into Monty Python sketches for me and my friends entertainment.
-Me and my dads' friday night movie. We no longer do this.
-Me and my dad going out for long bike rides, and sitting in pubsdrinking our blackcurrant and lemonade.
-The crazy chats me and Josh would have in 8EPL.
- Making a maze for my hamster out of ALL our DVD's, CD's, books and my brother warhammer. Brilliant.
- Every single conversation I've ever had with Pippa Higgins.
- Beth's dolphin.
- My amazing geography lessons with the one and only Nina Chen. We're high on life.
- Naming fish after random shops with Amber.
- Crying my eyes out with Pip at Forest Gump.
- Making Ellie, Louise and Ala laugh, everyday.
- Feeling like powerful year 9's when we STOP BULLYING. Seriously, we do.
- Beth randomly sitting up in bed and speaking Basque. Her giggling (more of a deep manly laugh actually) at Michael McIntyre, and replaying over and over and over "TOSS ME OFF!".
- Being chased around HMV by Pippa, who was yelling "BUY JEDWARD! BUY JEDWARD!" and waving a Planet Jedward CD in my face.
- Playing THE Game. Everyday, for one hour at lunch break for a whole year.
- Making up imaginary worlds with Georgia Radley.
- Having a massive shoe-hunt game at Fifth Road park.
- Saundersfoot. Walking with my Dad, Ben attacking me as soon as my parents are out of the house we rent, Ben making me guess the password so that I jam his iPod.
- Playing teddies with Ben. Playing FIFA with Ben and scoring too many own goals to count. Paying Nightfire with Ben, and being killed multiple times BY HIM.
- Getting scared of the zombies in Black Ops and running away, leaving Ben to die.
- My brilliant conversations I've had with Fiona Gorham.
- Getting 100% thrashed by Ben and James at football.
- Stonebridge reunions. Seeing my cool american Aunt, seeing my cool American cousins, all sitting in Granny's garden talking.
- Feeling all warm and fuzzy inside whenever I hear that little James still remembers me, and shouts "Millie! Millie!" if he see's a photo of me.
- Being pushed around in a wheelbarrow by my Grandpy.
- Watching Paranormal Activity for the first time with Ellie, and staying up for ages and chatting.
- Making my own little soap operas with my Bratz dolls.
THANK YOU TO ANYONE I'VE MENTIONED. You're all fantasmical. <333

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