Monday, 30 May 2011

My Perfect Imperfections

A little while ago there was thing buzzing around youtube, (A tag, I think?) talking about 3 things that people liked and disliked about themselves. And basically it was so people with bad body images understood no one was perfect? So, it seemed like a lot of fun, so here are are :)

3 Things I dislikeMy cheeks- GAH. They're so ridiculously round and squishy, which doesn't help my face at all -.- Also, they turn red often, when I'm embaressed or warm, which makes them look even worse. Oh, and this makes my head seem EVEN LARGER than t already is. Babyface :3 I hate people squidging my cheeks, and the last time someone did that, I punched them. So, I REALLY, REALLY don't like it. My voice- Speaking, singing, laughing. ANYTHING. It sounds so bad; croaky, low, flat, so I can't sing. And my laugh is the stupidest thing you've ever heard. Literally "Haha *breath* haha *breath* haha *breath" I desperately hate my voice.

My legs- I've never really liked them. There's nothing majorly wrong with them; in fact my calves are pretty slim, but of course then there's my THUNDER THIGHS :D I just...dislike them. They get bruised easily, and I fall over, walk into things a lot. I have no muscle in them. If I poke it, it flops. It depresses me. OH, and I have such fat knees. I'm not even joking, my friends (Pippa especially) love to sit there poking them, squishing them and making them "talk". GAH.

But it's not all doom and gloom!
3 Things I Like
My hair- I love the colour of it: about every shade of blonde there is. It's quite shiney, although not all that soft, but I love my fringe, the slight natural waves, the way I've finally managed to get it to suit my face and I hardly ever have bad hair days :D I don't do much with my hair except brush it, but it looks nice curled, straightened, back-combed and crimped. Oh, and it is au natural.

My nose- YAY FOR MY NOSE. My mum, my dad and my brother all have large noses. really quite huge. But lucky old me got a lovely, lovely tiny, perfectly shaped, frekcle covered nose. Not ski-nose, not a roman nose, but a cute button nose, I think they're called? :L I like it. If it ever gets broken I will cry.

My complexion- I do really, really like my skin. I'm SO SO SO lucky I don't get spots or blemishes of any kind. The worst I've ever had, is three spots at one point, and they all cleared up within a week. When my face ISN'T red, it is a pretty good pale colour, which I like. Ooo, and it has freckles! I love my freckles. My arms and legs can't make up their mind whether to tan or not, but either way I'm fine with. So, I like my overall complexion. Aaaaaand I despise foundation. If any of bloggers use it, STOP. It disgusts me. Yeah, you look hot painting your face orange. URGH.

Anyhoo, that is all! I hate/love all these things, but simply without them I wouldn't be me. Cliche, I know...but meh. Sleep tight.

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