Sunday, 10 July 2011

Lokemon Prainers

LAPTOP USEAGE IS BACK. So, this muct be first blog in a couple of months? Aaaaand I have no idea what to say -.- okay, well, I'm in my lounge. Which I'm hardly ever in anymore...but I remember days I would come home from a long, hard day of learning metric measures and painting, and just flop out on the sofa with a packet of crisps. Then in the evenings, I would lie of the sofa and wait for my Dad to come read me "Harry Potter" or "The Hobbit". Or "Thomas the Tank Engine" :') Ahh, good ol' lounge. With your weird yellow sofas.
Anyhoo, so Friday me and the Gang had a bit of a random birthday bash/get together night. There were'nt as many laughs as I wouldn't hoped, but annoyingly thats always how it is if you look forward to something so much. It's hardly fair. Still, we had catapiller cake which made me happy. I lit it, blew out the candles, made a wish and cut it. It was like they trusted me with fire and sharp knives. Still, I made a very useful wish. But I can't say or it won't come true. Damn. Okay, okay it rhymes with... "Lokemon Prainer." Yes, I wished to be "A lokemon prainer". I mean, you can wait your whole childhood for an acceptance letter into Hogwarts, but when you're an adult it's time to move on. But when your heart is set on being a lokemon prainer, you never have to give up. It's never to late to go out catching...lokemon, with your lokeballs. And when my time comes, I will have practiced so much, those lokemon won't know what hit them. Thats my impassioned speech over. Awkward.

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