Thursday, 25 August 2011

Hatred...and a little bit of love

There are things in this life I hate. Clowns, Kindles, Two and a Half Men, receeding hairlines, but I'd have to say one of my very highest hatreds is foundation. Who the hell made this disgusting creataton!? Who started thinking it was a good idea to get up in the morning and smear your face with some orange paste and decide that you look pretty? Yes, I have worn it back in my younger days but after a week or two it was jsut unbearable. Seeing an oompaloompa staring back at me in the mirror? No thank you. I KNOW people wear it, and complaining about it here won't help anything but itmakes me feel better at least.
However, when my friends wear foundation it is a very different story. One of my best friends who is of the best looking gals I know, wakes up and wears this abomination. Her skin is absolutley perfect but she still wears it? I've yelled and shouting and whined and moaned at her time and time again, and to be air to her the last time I saw her she wasn't wearing any. Nonetheless, if SHE wears it, thats her decision. But now she has started poisoning the minds of my other two best friends, and those unwitting sheep have followed suit. Not one of them needs it and one of them just wants it "because I know I have it."
What sort of logic is this!? Having tubes and powders which they then mush on their perfect faces? Never in my life have I looked at a painted face and thought "Phwoaaaar, I wish my skin looked like THAT!" But these girls still reckon doing this  themselves makes them look attractive. Quite honestly, I see a foundation covered face and want to scream and run in the opposite direction. Is it seriously just me that finds the whole idea of foundation unnatural and alien?
Still, to bring light to an otherwise grumpy blogpost, I will now tell the world of THIS girl. She has been asking to be written about for a long while, and despite her foundation wearing face, I still love her.
This girl, my little asian soul mate, is I've seen her so much this holiday, simply because we kept missing each other after a few days. I love evrything about her, in spite of her STUPID MISTAKES. But hey, I'm cool with it. We have such good meaningful dicussions, to days where I just flop out on her sofa. We're so alike in our thoughts :') for instance I can say... "Don't go breaking my heart!" and she will now sing "EEEAAAAAAAIIIIIIIII!" to herself. She's so funny and cute and we can pretty much quote Revenge of the Sith. We never stop laughing or talking or singing Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings music. Everyday with her, is a day well spent and I love talking to her family, even if they do laugh at me all the time. I couldn't live without her, she's so brilliant :') Pretty much my other half and I LOVE her. ch is why we ARE going to go to New York to see Tim Minchin, and hear him sing about canvas bags.
I love you Nina! "O-mi-god! A-no-riaaaaght?" <333

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