Friday, 2 September 2011

"You're avoiding me." "No, I'm tired, leave me alone."

Where am I going wrong? This time yesterday, I was buzzing, fast walking, looking forward to seeing a friend. We had a fantastic day together, as always. And for the perfect few hours I was round her house, it was easy to forget that so many of my friends are mad at me, ready to give me the Spannish Inquisition as to WHY I'm avoiding them. Avoiding my friends, the people that I live for? The ones that make every argument with my mum that little bit less painful? The ones that know me completely, and still love me? Just no, okay? I know I havn't seen a lot of some friends, none of others, and an unfair amount of others, but I've been trying to keep it balanced, which is such an exhausting task. Some of you I havn't seen because you've been out with others, some because of holidays, some because I havn't had TIME.
And after sorting everything out for a week or two, I'm so tired, that I'd actually like a quiet day inside. A day when I can just put a DVD on and celebate the fact I've got straight teeth. If that happens to be on the same I'm invited somewhere, which it often does, I'm not going to change my plan. Not because I'm avoiding the person in question, just simply because I'd like to do nothing for a change.
And then the person I love most EVER asked me why I was avoiding her. Well, you know you've done something wrong their don't you? I'm sorry I made her feel like that, but it's completely untrue. So wherever you're getting this information from, I wouldn't believe it.
I'm not avoiding anyone, I'm not mad at anyone. And if you don't believe that, you won't believe anything.

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