Friday, 21 October 2011

Autumnal feelings...

So, recently I've come to realise how much I love October :) in my opinion its the best month of the year. It's not ridiculously frosty and icy and it's not horribly hot and humid . I love waking up in the mornings, making myself a mug of coffee, putting on my woollen scarf and setting off for Pippa's house at 7:45 in the morning :) I love walking outside when there are hardly any cars around, and the suns still low in the sky so it's shining on the green and trees. I love how its chilly but not enough to get my teeth chattering. October the perfect balance between the leaves still on the trees and the stage when the leaves on the ground have turned soggy and mulchy. I love not having to be high maintinence like in summer, and just wearing oversized jumpers. It's such a comforting month, when I go to bed early and watch Star Wars with a couple of Kitkats. It just puts me in the kind of mood where I can acomplish anything :) whats your favourite month?

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