Thursday, 13 October 2011

When tidying a room one finds many things..

So, my brother has recently set off for University. It's not as weird as I thought not having him at home would be, but still slightly quieter. Still, it's given me more windows to talk to my family so that’s a plus. Of course, him leaving for Plymouth means we've tidied his room, so its considerably cleaner, with a comfy double bed :) it’s still strange looking around it; it’s still the same colour it was when we were little but it’s got writing on the walls now, and posters, and phased into a less "messy boyish room".
So, of course, I was wandering around in there at the weekend, trying out his bed to see how comfy I found it, when I found an old toy of his. (I have so much more freedom in playing with his toys now; I was NEVER allowed to play with his Hornby -.-) It’s a really amazing toy actually though. I remember the first time he got, and I was amazed by it. Basically it's a clear plastic sphere, with little coloured plastic levels and pathways. You have to turn the sphere all over the place to keep a little silver ball on the paths and you start at point 1 and end at 100. I've been amazed at how much fun I'm having with it :D but its so odd how well I remember it, and how when I saw it in the wardrobe I freaked out because I knew what it was :) Old memories I suppose. New favourite toy!

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