Sunday, 27 November 2011

Defying technology? *gasp*

So, it's Sunday, which means a family roast dinner for me. It's always such a strange day. We all starve ourselves and don't interact with each other at all before we eat; I stay in my room, as did my brother; my dad goes cycling or for a walk and my mum stays in the kitchen, whipping up the meal. Then just before we're positivly ravenous with hunger and are considering gnawing at the walls, the meal is ready, and we all charge downstairs. Before my brother left for Uni, we'd eat in the dining room and chatter as much as my family is capable of. It was even quite enjoyable. But since my brother's left, we've relocated into the kitchen, and the meal is slightly more downhearted, the chatter less fun.
So, today, here we were sitting, eating, mumbling to each other, and the topic moved to christmas. This made my dad volunteer an idea for Christmas List that made me swallow a too-big mouthful of potate in shock and disgust. He, the man who grew up playing in his extremely large garden, making dens with his many siblings and friends, has decided he wants a Kindle. A Kindle, I ask I you! If you havn't already guessed, Kindles have made there way onto my list of things a despise. A despising-sion list. Why, I hear you cry! I kid. I can actually hear the wind and an odd thumping noise coming from my window. Okay. Why do I hate Kindles? I am a teenager afterall, aren't we supposed to eat, sleep and breath technology? There's a fair amount of truth in that; I curl up in the evenings and switch on Scrubs, whilst texting at the same time. But Kindles just took it one step too far. They've decided to replace books, with a circuit board. Oh joy. Now instead of having a bulging bookshelf, of having dusty old Libraries crammed with history and stories, we're supposed to have a screen. Who thought this was a good idea? "Oh, but it's lightweight. Oh, but it's easy to use. Oh, but the screen makes it look like the page of a book. Oh, but it's so convenient." Listen to yourselves! The whole of the human race has been recording history, since forever, since the Bible, since scribes, since Shakespeare! And now it's just become a pathetic joke of a thing. In a hundred years or so, books may have become a thing of the past. Copies of Harry Potter may be kept in musuems, whilst people fly past, lauging about how old fashioned our generation was, not to use shiny, pretty, downloadable things. Urgh. There was absolutely no reason to abolish books, but we went and did it anyway. I just love the curled pages of a battered book, where the words have faded and you can see tear marks from where the reader has really got into the story. I don't see why we feel we have to replace every single thing with bigger, better, shiner, more advanceds copies of it. Okay. Rant over.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Big city lights, small town billboards..

It never fails to amaze me how many things I overlook. Little things, like how cosy my bedroom is, but especially big things in the world. You know what I mean, those big cliche pictures of vast, blue coeans, or people hugging in the snow or a beautiful sunset. But still, our background on this laptop is default so I get those pictures a lot; they change now and then so I go from staring at an ice floe to a waterfall in the jungle. Still, despite this annoyingly pretty pictures, I came accross one that I imediately fell in love with. It's of some kind of rocky mountain, somewhere hot looking, maybe some kind of desert. The suns low in the sky, giving it some kind of orange glow. The picture was taken high up on this moutain, in a little outcrop, staring out into this huge valley. My description doesn't do it justice, and even though I'm not a poetic person, it really made me think. There's so much I want to see in the world, and I, at some point have to travel to London, Paris and New York, a place I so desperately want to live. So many dreams, and it's incredible thinking that I'm just starting my life really and that I can make these things happen.

Now, the main reason I'm writing this, is because of something that I saw when I was walking home. usually I walk home with a friend of mine, but today she had a drama rehersal so I was walking alone. I used to despise walking home, mainly because I have to walk further than my friend. But now, as it's one of my favourite things, I took this oppotunity to really get lost in my own thoughts. So, I was walking home, reflecting on my day, about the odd sense of loss that gripped me at my breaktime, and I was just coming up to the subway. I looked up, and opposite me, as always, is a tiny retail park containing a car park, a Halfords, a Staples and a Burger King, with a Sainsbury's looming in the distance. As I'm sure everyone who lives in Newbury knows, it isn't a particularly classy place, filled with litter and often many cars as it happens to be between Oxford and Basingstoke. Gum fills the cold, grey pavements and a cold winters afternoon adds to this effect. But as I was staring at this place, my breath was taken away. Instead of seeing this dismal setting, I saw something different. The sun had gone down, leaving the sky a dark grey. The neon, glowing sign of Halfords and Staples was lit up, shining ever so more brightly because of the dark skyline. Cars were wooshing past me, their clean, pure headlights lighting up the plain roads and making them look unrecognisable. The whole image was overwhelmingly beautiful, and it was one of those moments that literally makes you stand still and look. I wish I had a camera on me, or a phone with a camera that worked at the time because I would've liked to capture the moment. It made me think, that however much I despise Newbury at times, there is a hint of perfectness in the dullness of it, hidden deep though it is. Maybe there's a hint of city light's in it somewhere.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Happy birthday, shout it out!

So, it's your birthday! And you asked for a post, I said yes, and now I am ty-p-ing. Not even kidding, earlier today when I was like "You're 15!" and you were like "No...I'm not.." I was like whatdafuck!? Literally mini freak out in the space of three seconds before you added "I was born at one minute to midnight!" :L I love you though. Well, not even though. Just I love you. Unconditionally and completely. Probably unhealthily so. Too much Beth is unhealthy? Noh! Never. Mine :)
You're so funny
so witty, so sweet, so right there, so "this is what's on my mind. deal with it." ,so pretty, so likeable, so lovely, so so so amazing in everything you do. Yeah, band two! :'L honestly going to cry when you get into oxford and I'm just like "Yeah. Swansea." I'm so happy I'm here to help you celebrate this day; I'm so happy YOU'RE happy! I'm glad to think that maybe I might've made a bit of difference in your life since I've entered. Maybe :L we have so many memories and in-jokes, some of which are just looks; of course the classic gnash face :')
That is one of the many, many things I love about you. Some evenings when we just sit, on your sofa, my bed, your bed, WHEREVER, we just sit and laugh, and hold surprisingly intelligent conversations. You know exactly how to make me laugh, and how to make me smile, and how to look after me. Just sitting down, hugging, talking, with you in your fairytale of a bedroom is perfect. You're brilliant and I'll never stop marvelling at that. I still remember that conversation we a while ago, started off my me saying "I'm hungary." of course follow by your "Czech the fridge" response :'D ahhhh, you're unbelieviable and pretty much my favourite person to have met. And I'm lucky to have met you, lucky to have you put up with me and I love you, like always :)
so here's the post...enjoy it along with the text and the card :L <3

Monday, 7 November 2011

Just smile, why the hell not? :L

Okay, I just want to say this isn't a post saying I'm having the best time in my life right now or anything :L just recently, nothings been particually perfect, nothings been terrible, but I've just been so HAPPY. Not with everything, not at all; it's just I've been enjoying things more. Things I used to dread, I make the most of. Things I love, I treasure. I'm in such a positive mood in my life! I still want to punch my mum in the face. With a book. A lot. I get bored of my clothes. But I'm really pleased with how well everything seems to be going :) I love spending my activity times in a music room, distracting Beth while the Evers lot try to reherse :') I love chatting to Amber,whenever we bump into each other around school:') and I love spending all my free times possible with Nina :') even though today was Monday, a dy we're supposed to dread, I woke up, groaned that I had to get up, but then I stopped and laughed and smiled quite happily. I was glad I had to get up; just I could enjoy all the littel things I love to enjoy, my morning coffee, walking to school, catching up with Pippa, then debating with Sam, Toby and Liam all registration. Every little tiny thing I love recently, has added up to so many big things, they over power all the bad things and it's like ahhhhhhh! :L I'm just..really enjoying year 10 :)