Monday, 21 November 2011

Big city lights, small town billboards..

It never fails to amaze me how many things I overlook. Little things, like how cosy my bedroom is, but especially big things in the world. You know what I mean, those big cliche pictures of vast, blue coeans, or people hugging in the snow or a beautiful sunset. But still, our background on this laptop is default so I get those pictures a lot; they change now and then so I go from staring at an ice floe to a waterfall in the jungle. Still, despite this annoyingly pretty pictures, I came accross one that I imediately fell in love with. It's of some kind of rocky mountain, somewhere hot looking, maybe some kind of desert. The suns low in the sky, giving it some kind of orange glow. The picture was taken high up on this moutain, in a little outcrop, staring out into this huge valley. My description doesn't do it justice, and even though I'm not a poetic person, it really made me think. There's so much I want to see in the world, and I, at some point have to travel to London, Paris and New York, a place I so desperately want to live. So many dreams, and it's incredible thinking that I'm just starting my life really and that I can make these things happen.

Now, the main reason I'm writing this, is because of something that I saw when I was walking home. usually I walk home with a friend of mine, but today she had a drama rehersal so I was walking alone. I used to despise walking home, mainly because I have to walk further than my friend. But now, as it's one of my favourite things, I took this oppotunity to really get lost in my own thoughts. So, I was walking home, reflecting on my day, about the odd sense of loss that gripped me at my breaktime, and I was just coming up to the subway. I looked up, and opposite me, as always, is a tiny retail park containing a car park, a Halfords, a Staples and a Burger King, with a Sainsbury's looming in the distance. As I'm sure everyone who lives in Newbury knows, it isn't a particularly classy place, filled with litter and often many cars as it happens to be between Oxford and Basingstoke. Gum fills the cold, grey pavements and a cold winters afternoon adds to this effect. But as I was staring at this place, my breath was taken away. Instead of seeing this dismal setting, I saw something different. The sun had gone down, leaving the sky a dark grey. The neon, glowing sign of Halfords and Staples was lit up, shining ever so more brightly because of the dark skyline. Cars were wooshing past me, their clean, pure headlights lighting up the plain roads and making them look unrecognisable. The whole image was overwhelmingly beautiful, and it was one of those moments that literally makes you stand still and look. I wish I had a camera on me, or a phone with a camera that worked at the time because I would've liked to capture the moment. It made me think, that however much I despise Newbury at times, there is a hint of perfectness in the dullness of it, hidden deep though it is. Maybe there's a hint of city light's in it somewhere.

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