Sunday, 27 November 2011

Defying technology? *gasp*

So, it's Sunday, which means a family roast dinner for me. It's always such a strange day. We all starve ourselves and don't interact with each other at all before we eat; I stay in my room, as did my brother; my dad goes cycling or for a walk and my mum stays in the kitchen, whipping up the meal. Then just before we're positivly ravenous with hunger and are considering gnawing at the walls, the meal is ready, and we all charge downstairs. Before my brother left for Uni, we'd eat in the dining room and chatter as much as my family is capable of. It was even quite enjoyable. But since my brother's left, we've relocated into the kitchen, and the meal is slightly more downhearted, the chatter less fun.
So, today, here we were sitting, eating, mumbling to each other, and the topic moved to christmas. This made my dad volunteer an idea for Christmas List that made me swallow a too-big mouthful of potate in shock and disgust. He, the man who grew up playing in his extremely large garden, making dens with his many siblings and friends, has decided he wants a Kindle. A Kindle, I ask I you! If you havn't already guessed, Kindles have made there way onto my list of things a despise. A despising-sion list. Why, I hear you cry! I kid. I can actually hear the wind and an odd thumping noise coming from my window. Okay. Why do I hate Kindles? I am a teenager afterall, aren't we supposed to eat, sleep and breath technology? There's a fair amount of truth in that; I curl up in the evenings and switch on Scrubs, whilst texting at the same time. But Kindles just took it one step too far. They've decided to replace books, with a circuit board. Oh joy. Now instead of having a bulging bookshelf, of having dusty old Libraries crammed with history and stories, we're supposed to have a screen. Who thought this was a good idea? "Oh, but it's lightweight. Oh, but it's easy to use. Oh, but the screen makes it look like the page of a book. Oh, but it's so convenient." Listen to yourselves! The whole of the human race has been recording history, since forever, since the Bible, since scribes, since Shakespeare! And now it's just become a pathetic joke of a thing. In a hundred years or so, books may have become a thing of the past. Copies of Harry Potter may be kept in musuems, whilst people fly past, lauging about how old fashioned our generation was, not to use shiny, pretty, downloadable things. Urgh. There was absolutely no reason to abolish books, but we went and did it anyway. I just love the curled pages of a battered book, where the words have faded and you can see tear marks from where the reader has really got into the story. I don't see why we feel we have to replace every single thing with bigger, better, shiner, more advanceds copies of it. Okay. Rant over.

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