Thursday, 10 November 2011

Happy birthday, shout it out!

So, it's your birthday! And you asked for a post, I said yes, and now I am ty-p-ing. Not even kidding, earlier today when I was like "You're 15!" and you were like "No...I'm not.." I was like whatdafuck!? Literally mini freak out in the space of three seconds before you added "I was born at one minute to midnight!" :L I love you though. Well, not even though. Just I love you. Unconditionally and completely. Probably unhealthily so. Too much Beth is unhealthy? Noh! Never. Mine :)
You're so funny
so witty, so sweet, so right there, so "this is what's on my mind. deal with it." ,so pretty, so likeable, so lovely, so so so amazing in everything you do. Yeah, band two! :'L honestly going to cry when you get into oxford and I'm just like "Yeah. Swansea." I'm so happy I'm here to help you celebrate this day; I'm so happy YOU'RE happy! I'm glad to think that maybe I might've made a bit of difference in your life since I've entered. Maybe :L we have so many memories and in-jokes, some of which are just looks; of course the classic gnash face :')
That is one of the many, many things I love about you. Some evenings when we just sit, on your sofa, my bed, your bed, WHEREVER, we just sit and laugh, and hold surprisingly intelligent conversations. You know exactly how to make me laugh, and how to make me smile, and how to look after me. Just sitting down, hugging, talking, with you in your fairytale of a bedroom is perfect. You're brilliant and I'll never stop marvelling at that. I still remember that conversation we a while ago, started off my me saying "I'm hungary." of course follow by your "Czech the fridge" response :'D ahhhh, you're unbelieviable and pretty much my favourite person to have met. And I'm lucky to have met you, lucky to have you put up with me and I love you, like always :)
so here's the post...enjoy it along with the text and the card :L <3

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