Monday, 7 November 2011

Just smile, why the hell not? :L

Okay, I just want to say this isn't a post saying I'm having the best time in my life right now or anything :L just recently, nothings been particually perfect, nothings been terrible, but I've just been so HAPPY. Not with everything, not at all; it's just I've been enjoying things more. Things I used to dread, I make the most of. Things I love, I treasure. I'm in such a positive mood in my life! I still want to punch my mum in the face. With a book. A lot. I get bored of my clothes. But I'm really pleased with how well everything seems to be going :) I love spending my activity times in a music room, distracting Beth while the Evers lot try to reherse :') I love chatting to Amber,whenever we bump into each other around school:') and I love spending all my free times possible with Nina :') even though today was Monday, a dy we're supposed to dread, I woke up, groaned that I had to get up, but then I stopped and laughed and smiled quite happily. I was glad I had to get up; just I could enjoy all the littel things I love to enjoy, my morning coffee, walking to school, catching up with Pippa, then debating with Sam, Toby and Liam all registration. Every little tiny thing I love recently, has added up to so many big things, they over power all the bad things and it's like ahhhhhhh! :L I'm just..really enjoying year 10 :)

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