Friday, 30 December 2011

Loose ends

Yeah, this post isn't going to be anything special, just getting a few things down. So, I really enjoyed christmas this year. I got some amazing presents as I am incredibly spoilt, but I'm not going to complain :) eating christmas dinner was quite fun, nothing special and I do wish my grandparents had come down to spend christmas with us, but my mum never seems to want to see them. I'm not grounded anymore, I THINK, so thats brightend up my holidays- oh, god the holidays. There's so little time left! Okay, I just had a full on melt down because I couldn't remember where the "!" on my keyboard was and I thought I was going crazy. But yeah, so little time of the holidays left. And even less of 2011! Just one more short day. Still, a new year :) my resolution is to stop spending so much money; me and one of my best friends have an agreement that neither of us can spend anything for 6 months starting January 1st. If one of us breaks this, we must then kill the other and then kill ourselves (what can I say, we were tired but a pacts a pact). This all came about after our BIG shopping trip to reading where we managed to spend £140 between us- none of it on food though and I'm proud of that. Oh yeah, thats another thing,; I'm not eating as much, like junk and whatever :) I'm completely off chocolate on the moment and even kitkats seem to be on their way out which is quite a scary thought. Still noodles and chicken and chips are still here :) I'm pretty happy; oxfam tomorrow, buying crimpers (doesn't count that I'm spending money, it's still 2011 technically :P) my grandmas making me another small quillow type thing, as I've lost my other one which is quite sad, but hey ho, going to a panto with a friend, and virtually no homework got set for me during the holidays :O so, I guess I hope you all have a great 2012- enjoy yourselves!

Friday, 23 December 2011

It's upon us!

So, it is nearly christmas!! But I can't seem to make up my mind whether I'm excited or not. It's just come so quickly, it still feels like it's september but tomorrows christmas eve! It's so random, I swear it's just sneaking up on me. Nonetheless, I like the feelings that are in the air. My fairy lights trailed accross my room, my socking with my name embroidered on it, because my friend is AWESOME hung up on my shelf; walking throught town yesterday and hearing music and seeing the wonderfully tacky decorations in Newbizz market place; and then walking into the sitting room at the Ace Gang Fake Christmas, and everyone under their blankets and the tree in the corner lit up and twinkling. The start of this holidays been so up and down, a sleepover, then grounded, then Fake Christmas, so I can't help but think there's something bad around the corner waiting to pounce. I know I'll enjoy christmas when it's here, but it'll just be over so soon. Oh well, it'll be fun :) then I guess a whole new year. I'm really sad to say goodbye to 2011, it's been such a good year personally. But yep, new year! I can struggle through another one. Hopefully :L

Friday, 2 December 2011

Quiet weekends

It's a friday night. Well, more evening but you wouldn't know that by looking outside where it's pitch black. I never really understood that saying; pitch black. What's a pitch? Are you talking about a football pitch? I mean, what are you trying to say, that it's as black as a what? What are you trying to say? But alas. So, it's a friday night. If I was doing what I wanted this evening, I'd be at my best friends house, probably having a cry, a hug, a laugh, a chat with her family, a sing song and our crazy dance moves. Or maybe, at my nerfherders house, with the other two, watching family guy and eating. But considering as I took advantage of the strike and slept over THAT night, it's fairly reasonable that I'm not allowed. Not good, but fair. So, I might as well make the most it.

It's rare for me to be at home on a friday night, but it is quite nice. There's no rush, no high maintenance and even though I'd prefer to be with my girls it isn';t a bad way to spend a night. After making myself  a ham sandwhich, I retreated to my room to watch Desperate Housewives. Right now, I'm sat on my bed, ty-p-ing, wearing a big, comfy jumper, socks and tights, and feeling so cuddly I could quite honestly be a teddy :L my hairs faintly smelling of chlorine from fitness, a smell that I LOVE, my eyes are tired and my lava lamps in background..just lavaing away there. Yeah, I see you. So, even though no plans have been made for this weekend, I can feel a sense of trepidatation and contentness. So, s'all good :)