Friday, 30 December 2011

Loose ends

Yeah, this post isn't going to be anything special, just getting a few things down. So, I really enjoyed christmas this year. I got some amazing presents as I am incredibly spoilt, but I'm not going to complain :) eating christmas dinner was quite fun, nothing special and I do wish my grandparents had come down to spend christmas with us, but my mum never seems to want to see them. I'm not grounded anymore, I THINK, so thats brightend up my holidays- oh, god the holidays. There's so little time left! Okay, I just had a full on melt down because I couldn't remember where the "!" on my keyboard was and I thought I was going crazy. But yeah, so little time of the holidays left. And even less of 2011! Just one more short day. Still, a new year :) my resolution is to stop spending so much money; me and one of my best friends have an agreement that neither of us can spend anything for 6 months starting January 1st. If one of us breaks this, we must then kill the other and then kill ourselves (what can I say, we were tired but a pacts a pact). This all came about after our BIG shopping trip to reading where we managed to spend £140 between us- none of it on food though and I'm proud of that. Oh yeah, thats another thing,; I'm not eating as much, like junk and whatever :) I'm completely off chocolate on the moment and even kitkats seem to be on their way out which is quite a scary thought. Still noodles and chicken and chips are still here :) I'm pretty happy; oxfam tomorrow, buying crimpers (doesn't count that I'm spending money, it's still 2011 technically :P) my grandmas making me another small quillow type thing, as I've lost my other one which is quite sad, but hey ho, going to a panto with a friend, and virtually no homework got set for me during the holidays :O so, I guess I hope you all have a great 2012- enjoy yourselves!

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