Friday, 2 December 2011

Quiet weekends

It's a friday night. Well, more evening but you wouldn't know that by looking outside where it's pitch black. I never really understood that saying; pitch black. What's a pitch? Are you talking about a football pitch? I mean, what are you trying to say, that it's as black as a what? What are you trying to say? But alas. So, it's a friday night. If I was doing what I wanted this evening, I'd be at my best friends house, probably having a cry, a hug, a laugh, a chat with her family, a sing song and our crazy dance moves. Or maybe, at my nerfherders house, with the other two, watching family guy and eating. But considering as I took advantage of the strike and slept over THAT night, it's fairly reasonable that I'm not allowed. Not good, but fair. So, I might as well make the most it.

It's rare for me to be at home on a friday night, but it is quite nice. There's no rush, no high maintenance and even though I'd prefer to be with my girls it isn';t a bad way to spend a night. After making myself  a ham sandwhich, I retreated to my room to watch Desperate Housewives. Right now, I'm sat on my bed, ty-p-ing, wearing a big, comfy jumper, socks and tights, and feeling so cuddly I could quite honestly be a teddy :L my hairs faintly smelling of chlorine from fitness, a smell that I LOVE, my eyes are tired and my lava lamps in background..just lavaing away there. Yeah, I see you. So, even though no plans have been made for this weekend, I can feel a sense of trepidatation and contentness. So, s'all good :)

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