Wednesday, 11 January 2012

2012... meh

So, first post of the new year. Even though new years eve, I was sat in the dark in my room (forever alone ^_^) and I incredibly skillfully managed to miss the fireworks on bbc1, I still came into the new year with high hopes. I mean, I have the best friends I need all around me, treading water with my family, enjoying year 10, but now, 11 days into the year? Everything seems to have gone downhill. Not a huge hill mind, just a gentle slope, but downwards nonetheless. Why? Hm. Well, school seems to have become bleak. Maybe I'm just not in the swing of things yet, but all my lessons seem to be failing me. Not failing as in work, just as though nothings happening. From september, all of my lessons had my attention captured mostly, but lately it seems like their slacking off. My energy seems worn out recently, which causes most people to interpret I'm feeling down. Family life is dull, and friends are focusing on GCSE's more, so theres less time to talk. It's not like everything has suddenly turned terrible, it's just to come from a high to a not-so-high is a bit of a drop. It'll get better though,everything does :)

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