Monday, 30 January 2012

Because I know you're all so interested in my life...

Right, just deciding to post about me. All about ME.

Quite honestly, I do just love being me. Oh, there are things I despise, things I hhhhaaate. But what can ya do? Recently, when things have been a bit off track, I've just been so content to come home and be myself. I love it that most girls are busy posting pretty pictures on Tumblr, and making witty comments and broken hearted post, but I just sit on my bed in my thermals reading War Horse. I've changed a lot since primary school, since year seven but reading is still something that sooths me so much. Half of my books are so utterly destroyed from being read so much, and the others are just wating for me to ruin them. I love it that I enjoy going to bed stupidly early, and despise having lie-ins on the weekends. It's just a waste of a day really.

I'm self centered, but if someone has helped me through something or made a big impact on my life (you know who you are.. o.O) then I won't forget that ever. I can despise you immensely, but still hold gruding respect for you.
I'm stubborn. I'm randomly blonde when my brain shuts down halfway through the day. I constantly narrate my life in the third person; seriously. I'm torn between being extremely materialistic, and wanting to burn all materialistic things. Little things annoy me. I'm constantly bewildered by my own life. If I met myself, I doubt I would like me, so those of you who put up with me, I appreciate it. I can't sing, but I still prance around my room, dropping everything imediately when the door opens. I talk to myself far more than necessary. I get distracted by my reflection in a mirror. I try to make people laugh. It works.

I can watch Titanic and not shed a tear, but show me Star Wars and I will cry my heart out. The phrase "persistant as a puppy" holds true with me. Since yesterday, I am paranoid that I will open a door and a crocadile will be there. I can be as a tough as a rhino. I look like an idiot most of the time, but its the only way it's fun. Repetition frustrates me. I get frustrated easily. I get happy easily. I get sad easily. I love Shakespeare. I don't really know much Shakespeare, but it makes me sound deep and I enjoyed Romeo and Julliet :) I love ice skating!! And cycling. And walking. Climbing hills and fells and mountains. Eating beats all of those things. I make perfect sense to myself.

Maybe I just had a good day, maybe I'll look back on this in despair, but I'm sure I'll stay happy with myself. Mostly. Maybe.

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