Sunday, 15 April 2012

Highs and lows, with Easter coming to a close. Okay, that nearly rhymed; I am a poet.

I seem to have made many people angry. Minecraft for instance; after finally giving into a friend about getting it, it has refused to be downloaded. Damn you irony.
Another, my mum. There was supposed to be a "Del Nevo family reunion" today, which is basically all my widely spread Italian relatives I have never met, meeting because of my Grandmothers' pure organisation. I was fairly unenthusiastic about this, so were the rest of my family. So after I heard a lot of shouting from downstairs, I found out my mother went on her own. I feel slightly guilty about this and it will make for an extremely unpleasant evening tonight but I can't quite feel bad for it.
There are others of course but...

I feel that even though the worst things are the worst possible things, it makes the better seem better. Of course, I would trade almost anything to change most of this, its made me appreciate a what-would have been boring day. Skyping a friend, instead of watching shamefully bad telly. Cooking lunch, instead of snacking throughout the day. Playing cards and board games with my dad, because yes, I ENJOY spending time with a dad who can be just as old fashioned as me, instead of going out. Looking forward to going back to school, even with neglected homework sitting on my conscience. Reading Harry Potter countless times, not getting bored of it so far.
I'm happy in my own little world. Its just a shame to come back to reality.

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